Hall of Fame

The Drury Wrestling Hall of Fame was established to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the success and development of Drury Wrestling. Hall of Fame members are recognized for their achievements, dedication and / or leadership contributions.

Torben Jensen 1985 – 1988

Torben Jensen didn't start his career until grade 11, but in three and a half seasons he amassed 128 career wins and he was a two time Halton Champ. He was an outstanding technician and outstanding teacher to younger wrestlers. His work ethic and dedication made him the first in a long line of outstanding captains. He was a three time MVP and went on to compete at the collegiate level for Lakehead University.

Thomas Jensen 1985 – 1989

Thomas Jensen was Drury's first bonified star and one of the major reasons for the rapid growth for Drury wrestling. In his rookie year he became Drury's first Halton Champ, first OAWA Champ, and first National Champion. He is one of only two Spartans to be a 5 time Halton Champ, the only Spartan to win a Peel-Halton Championship (twice), a two time National Cadet Champion and 3 time OAWA Champ. He had three top five finishes at OFSAA including a bronze, was twice Athlete- of- the Year at Drury and three times named the teams outstanding wrestler. He had three 50 wins seasons, holds the record for pins (45) and won 230 career matches.

Bill Cooley 1986 – 1987

Bill Cooley was another late comer to the sport who made as much of a mark after his career at Drury as he did during it. He won the Most Improved Wrestler Award in 1986 and was a Halton Champ in 1987. After Drury he was one of the first to pursue wrestling beyond the high school level and he continued to compete and train at the University of Guelph for many years. A regular visitor at tournaments and practices for many years, his love for the sport and his continued interest and dedication to the team earned him a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Tom Woodward 1985 – 1989

Tom Woodward is one of the most colourful wrestlers in Drury's history. Known for his speed, technique and toughness, he compiled 143 victories in his career and he was a 3 time GHAC Champ. He was named the teams Outstanding Wrestler in 1987 and Most Dedicated Wrestler in 1988. His 33 pins in a season is the teams third highest. In his final season he enjoyed his greatest success going 41 - 2 and placing fourth at OFSAA.

Dave Wilson 1981 – 1991

Dave Wilson became captain in Drury's first rebuilding phase, helping ECD to continue their climb up the wrestling ladder. Despite losing a year to injury, he was a three time member of the Wrestling Honour Roll, a 3 time Halton Champ and he had 125 career victories. In his rookie year he was named Novice-of- the-Year and in his graduating he was Drury's Senior Athlete-of-the-Year. He has maintained his association with the team and although now living in Winnipeg he regularly keeps in contact with the team through his contributions on the message board.

Brent Pickett 1989 – 1993

Brent Pickett was one of the most dedicated Druy Wrestlers ever. His spirit and overall contributions to the team are responsible for many of the traditions that exist to this day. Brent was one of the driving forces in establishing the annual year-end videos and highly regarded year-end banquet. He was a 5 time member of the Honour Roll, the team MVP in 1990 and was a 2 time Halton Champ. He competed at OFSAA three times and ended his career with 131 victories.

John Stevenson 1989 – 1993

John Stevenson was part of the outstanding "Rat Pack" of the early 90's. He was a 4 time Halton Champ with 151 career victories. He was also a GHAC Champ and an Ontario Bantam Champ. He was a committed and hardworking individual , seldom missing a practice or a competition. His dedication made him a five time member of the team Honour Roll.

Lee Black 1989 – 1994

Lee Black was one of the most respected wrestlers ever to compete for Drury. Lee , in a 6 year career won 144 matches . He was a 4 time Halton Champ , 2 time GHAC Champ, winner of the Most Improved and Most Sportsmanlike Awards and 5 times member of the Honour Roll. Although soft spoken he led by example and served as team captain in 1992 - 93.

Colin Widdis 1989 – 1994

Colin Widdis was a convert from basketball who almost quit during a frustrating rookie year. Before he was done though, Colin went on to become Drury's first OFSAA Champion. In 6 years, he was on the Honour Roll 5 times , was a 5 time Halton Champ, 4 time GHAC Champ and winner of the Outstanding and Most Dedicated Wrestler Awards. His 42- 1 in 1994 remains the best in Drury History. He continues to serve as a guest instructor with the team.

Chris Spence 1989 – 1993

Chris Spence was a member of one of the most decorated graduating groups ever. Spence was a 2 time winner of the Wrestler-of-the-Year Award and a 2 time OFSAA medallist. He was also Drury's first ever gold medal finalist at OFSAA. He was a 4 time Halton Champ, 2 time GHAC Champ, an OAWA Cadet Champ and 5th in the National Cadets. A 4 time Honour Roll member, Spence had a career total of 207 victories.

Simon Vanellis 1990 – 1993

Simon Vanellis was a journeyman wrestler during his high school career yet he became one of the prominent team builders in the 90's. After high school he became a top ranked official and was instrumental in getting many Spartans involved as referees. He also played a major role in the rebuilding of the University of Guelph wrestling program and helped strengthen the bond between Guelph and Drury . He became an Assistant Coach at Drury in 1994 and in 2002 he became the first graduate to return as a full time teacher-coach. In 1992 he was named Drury's Most Improved Wrestler and he was a 2 time member of the Honour Roll.

Chris Price 1991 - 1996

Chris Price put together one of the best careers in Drury history. Over 6 years he won 257 matches , 4 Haltons, 2 GHAC's and 2 OAWA titles. He was a two time National Bronze medallist and twice made the top 6 at OFSAA . He was on the Honour Roll in all 6 seasons, making him the only 6 time Honour Roll member and he won over 30 matches each year . He was the Rookie of the Year in 1991 and holds the record for career victories.

George Vanellis 1991 – 1995

George Vanellis was another h4 captain who helped keep the team together during another rebuilding period. He was a 3 time member of the Honour Roll, a Halton Champ and a GHAC Champion. He compiled 117 victories in his career. He will be remembered most for his match winning over – under throws. After his career at Drury he has continued to be a h4 supporter of both the Drury wrestling program and the U. of Guelph wrestling team.

Chris Denich 1993 - 1997

Chris Denich had one of the finest career's in Drury history. One of the hardest working wrestlers in team history he made the honour roll 5 times. He ended his career with 233 wins, second on the all-time list and the most over a 5 year career. His 59 wins and 10 golds in 1997 were the most ever by a senior wrestler. He had four 40 win seasons, was a 3 time Halton and GHAC Champ , placed top 5 at OFSAA 3 times and won an OFSAA bronze. He won 2 OAWA provincial golds and 2 National medals. In 1994, he won a Canadian Cadet title and became Drury's 1st and only wrestler to compete at the World Cadets, placing 6th overall. He went on to enjoy a fine career at the University of Guelph.

Justin Billingham 1994 – 1998

Justin was among the most dedicated wrestlers in Drury history. He was a very hard worker earning the Honour Roll 4 times. He won numerous medals and 158 matches over his career. In 1997, he captured an Ontario Juvenile Title becoming the first Spartan to win at that level. His finest season was in 1997-98 when he was the Halton and GHAC Champion and a Bronze medallist at OFSAA. He capped off the year with the Nicholls- Walliston Award for Dedication and Leadership at Drury's Athletic Banquet. Following his high school career he remained involved as a part time assistant coach.

Kevin Heffron 1996 - 2000

Kevin Heffron ranks among Drury's best wrestlers ever. He ended his career in 4th place for career wins with 218. He was a 4 time Halton Champ, 3 time GHAC Champ, 2 time OFSAA silver medallist and 2 time National Champion. He was a founding member of the Dynamo Wrestling Club and one of the leading forces in our rise to OFSAA supremacy. Kevin was a 4 time member of the Honour Roll and as of 2004, held the Drury record for career medals ( 59 ) and medals in a season ( 14 ).

John McCart 1996 - 2000

John McCart had already made a name for himself as a Junior Dynamo wrestler before reaching Drury. A 2 time Canada-East Champ, John added 2 National Cadet titles and 2 National Juvenile titles to his resume during his high school years. He was a 4time Halton and GHAC champ and 3 time OFSAA finalist. His bronze medal in 2000 helped ECD to the 1st OFSAA title. A four time member of the honour roll, John ended his career with 160 wins , the team record for career gold medals ( 41 ) and gold medals in a season ( 11 ).

Chad Merritt 1996 - 2000

Chad Merritt started his Drury Wrestling career as a 5 year old team mascot when his father served as assistant coach. His 1st win came in an exhibition match at an old- timers tournament when he was 6 . Over a decade later, he won an OFSAA gold medal to clinch Drury's first OFSAA Team Title. In between, he put together 215 career victories, won 2 Halton Titles , 2 OFSAA medals and an Ontario Cadet gold medal. He placed top 5 in Canada twice , was the first Dynamo provincial champ and set a record of 61 wins in a season in 1997. Chad is one of a select group making the honour roll in 5 consecutive seasons.

Jeff Roberge 1999 - 2002

Inducted in the builders category, Jeff Roberge took an idea started by Scott McLaughlin and revived by Tom Gallinger and took it to unprecedented new heights. Jeff's tireless efforts have made the Drury Wrestling web-page one of the best in the country. The web-page not only serves to showcase the Drury program across the wrestling world but also to bring together alumni and solidify an already h4 fraternity. Always improving and expanding the web-page, Jeff has made files and files of stats and history available for all to see. His work will keep the legend and tradition of Drury Wrestling alive for years to come.

Sean Burnham 1997 - 2001

Often overlooked on a team with many team stars, Sean Burnham was a tireless worker who worked his way up the ranks to become one of Ontario's top wrestlers. He first showed promise in 1998 as a Junior Halton Champion but it was not until 2000 that he joined the elite with a surprise 6th place finish at OFSAA. His outstanding performance that year played a major role in the teams 1st ever OFSAA team title. His showing also inspired his teammates to chase their dreams which led to a 2nd OFSAA title in 2001 where Sean earned an OFSAA silver. He is a 3 time member of the Honour Roll.

Chris Holmes 1997 - 2001

Joining wrestling as an 84 pound rookie who lost over 20 matches, Chris Holmes was determined to become the best that he could be. The 4 time member of the Honour Roll showed as much improvement over his career as anyone in Drury history. Things started to fall into place in Grade 11 when he was named the Most Improved and Junior Wrestler-of-the-Year. In Grade 12 he was named the Most Dedicated Wrestler and earned a silver medal at the National Juvenile Championships. He reached the pinnacle in 2001 though repeating as Most Dedicated Wrestler, winning the Iron Man Award, Senior Wrestler-of-the-Year, Athlete-of-the-Year and capping off his career as an OFSAA Champion. Chris ended his career with 144 career victories.

Rory McDonell 1997 - 2001

One of the most dedicated wrestlers in team history, Rory McDonell was a 5X member of the Honour Roll who earned 164 career victories including 45 wins in an outstanding 1998-99 season. Rory was the Most Improved Wrestler in 1998, Most Dedicated Wrestler in 1999 and Iron Man winner in 2001. He was also a winner of the ECD Al Nichols Award. He was a 2X GHAC Champion, a 6th place finisher at the 1998 National Cadets and placed 4th at OFSAA in the 2001 championship season. Known for his toughness on the mat and comical nature off the mat, Rory went on to enjoy a solid varsity career at the University of Guelph followed by a pro career in mixed martial arts.

Andy Wadeson 1997 - 2001

Andy Wadeson, a product of the Junior Dynamo program, was the spiritual leader of the outstanding class of 2001. A 5 time member of the Wrestling Honour Roll, Andy started as a 90 pound rookie and went on to win 145 career matches. He was a 2X Halton Champ and an Ontario Cadet Champ. He placed 6th in the National Cadets in 1998, was 5th at OFSAA in 1997 and 4th at OFSAA in 1998 and 2001. A member of two OFSAA Championship teams, Andy was the team's Rookie-of-the-Year in 1997, Drury Junior Athlete-of-the Year in 1998 and top Junior Wrestler in 1998, the first winner of the Iron Man Award in 2000 and the Drury SAS Award winner in 2001.

Frank Cavallo 1993 - 1997

Frank Cavallo was known as a character wrestler whose spirit and determination set a tone for the team. Never one to concede defeat, Frankie in his career took many higher ranked opponents to the limit. While he didn't win them all, he had his share of big victories as he earned 2 Halton and 2 GHAC titles as well as placing 4th at OFSAA in his final season. Frank went on to compete at the University of Guelph where he won an OUA bronze medal. Frankie continued to support the team long after he graduated and is one who played a key role in the Drury Tradition.

Blair Beaulieu 1995 - 1999

Blair Beaulieu was one of the wrestlers who helped bring Drury to the brink of an OFSAA Championship. His OFSAA silver in 1998 was instrumental in helping ECD to a 2nd place finish and their first ever OFSAA team medal and his 4th place finish in 1999 helped earn a second team silver. Blair was Rookie-of-the-Year in '95, Junior Wrestler-of-the-Year in '96, a two time Halton and GHAC Champ and an OAWA Champion. His 184 career victories are 12th highest in team history.

Adam Baxter 1998 - 2002

Adam Baxter had two top 4 OFSAA finishes, including a bronze in 2002, helping ECD to the team title in both years. He was a two time Halton and GHAC Champ, Senior Wrestler-of-the-Year in 2002 and had a 5th place finish in the Nationals. In his graduating year, he was ECD's Athlete-of-the-Year. Following his Drury career, Adam went on to compete as a varsity wrestler for the OUA and CIS Champion Brock Badgers. He also became a top ranked national official and returned to teach and coach at Drury helping the team to their 13th consecutive and final team medal.

Rob Petherick 1999 - 2003

Rob Petherick holds the distinction of being one of only 3 Drury wrestlers to qualify for OFSAA five times and one of two to win 5 OFSAA team medals. He is the only Drury wrestler to compete at OFSAA for 4 OFSAA Champion teams. His 5th place finish in 2000 helped Drury win their 1st ever team title and another 5th in 2003 helped ECD to set a record of 4 consecutive OFSAA titles. Rob was a 4 time member of the Honour Roll, a 4 time Halton and GHAC Champion and a top 5 finisher at the Nationals.

Matt Knock 2000 - 2004

After being upset in his first match at OFSAA in 2004, Matt Knock fought back to win a bronze with a switch in sudden-death overtime. The match, which was the last match of the OFSAA tournament, clinched ECD's record 5th consecutive OFSAA title. That marked his 3rd top 5 finish at OFSAA and 2nd medal after winning silver in 2003. A former Rookie-of-the-Year, Matt was a 3 time Halton Champ, 2 time GHAC Champ, an OAWA Champ and 5th at the Nationals. Matt won 26 career golds and his 167 career victories place him in the top 20 all-time.

Jesse Ronan 2000 - 2004

After a 5th and 2nd place finish at OFSAA, Jesse Ronan ended his career with perhaps the most dominating OFSAA gold medal match in Drury history. A very dedicated and determined wrestler, Jesse was a 5 time member of the Wrestling Honour Roll, twice named Most Dedicated Wrestler and two time Wrestler-of-the-Year. Over his career, Jesse compiled 169 wins, 21 gold medals and 42 medals overall. Jesse was a 2 time winner of the Athlete-of-the-Year Award and his 169 wins is good for 14th on the all-time win list.

Gary Ferrier 2002 - 2006

After an outstanding Junior Dynamo career, Gary Ferrier continued to enjoy great achievements at the high school level. In his 5 years at ECD, Gary was a 2 time OFSAA and 2 time National Champ, the only one to record the double-double. He placed top 5 at OFSAA 4 times and was a 3 time OAWA Champ. Gary earned 35 golds in his career good for 4th on the all-time list and he recorded 189 career victories. In 2004, he became just the 2nd to have an undefeated high school season. Gary was also an ECD Athlete-of-the-Year.

Carl Chan 2001 - 2005

Carl Chan was a 4 time member of the Honour Roll, a team captain and a 3 time OAWA silver medalist. Carl had 143 career victories and in 2004-05 he won 12 medals and 58 matches, the 5th highest season total in history. Recognized for his dedication and leadership, Carl was named a winner of the AL Nichols-Roy Wollastan Award. He was also the 2002-03 Junior Athlete-of-the-Year and Drury Sports Person-of-the-Year. After his wrestling career ended, Carl went on to become a top National official and after university returned to Drury as a part time coach.

Kyle Shermet 2002 - 2006

After a less than stellar start to his high school career, Kyle Shermet worked hard and made steady improvement. He is the only 2 time winner of the Most Improved Wrestler Award. By his final day as a Spartan, he had amassed 145 career victories, winning 2 GHAC titles, placing 5th at OFSAA and in his final career match became an OFSAA Champion. Kyle won 51 matches in 2005 making him just one of 17 Spartans to surpass 50 wins in a season. Kyle was also a two time OAWA medalist.

Alan Moffat 2003 - 2007

Alan Moffat had an outstanding high school career becoming the one of only two Drury 3 time OFSAA medalists and one four, 4 time OFSAA top 6 finishers. As well as being a 2 time OFSAA champ, Alan was a 2 time OAWA Champ and 2 time National silver medalist and OFSAA bronze medalist.. His 220 career wins, 51 medals and 29 golds are all in the top 7 on the all-time list. Alan had two 50 plus win seasons and his 17 medals in 2007 is the 2nd highest total ever. Another Drury Athlete-of-the-Year, Alan represented Canada and ECD at the Commonwealth Youth Championships in Scotland where he won a bronze and he later went on to compete with the National Junior team at both the Pan-Am and World Championships.

Mac Fillman 2004 - 2008

Always representing Drury with class, Mac Fillman was a member of 4 OFSAA medal winning squads including 2 Championship teams. He was a 2 time Halton Champ qualifying for OFSAA 4 times, placing 6th twice and making the top 12 all 4 years. Mac became the first to ever go an entire season without missing a practice, a feat he accomplished twice. At his final Athletic Banquet he was awarded the Al Nicholls Award recognizing dedication, spirit, sportsmanship and leadership, all characteristics that defined his career. After Drury, Mac went on to the University of Guelph where he won an OUA bronze medal.

Kevin Iwasa-Madge 2004 - 2008

Although he was Rookie-of-the-Year in 2004, no one expected Kevin Iwasa-Madge to shatter the Drury record books by time he left ECD. By 2008, Kevin set the record for wins with 267, career medals (70), career golds (45), golds in a season (18), medals in a season (20) and wins in a season with 75, 14 more than anyone before him. Kevin placed 6th and 4th at OFSAA before winning gold in his last 2 seasons. He was a 5 time Halton Champ, 4 time GHAC Champ, OAWA Champ, 3 time National medalist and FILA Cadet National Champ and both the Junior and Senior Athlete-of-the-Year at Drury. One of a select group to be a 5 time Honour Roll member, he is one of just 3 to qualify for OFSAA 5 times and one of only two to earn 5 OFSAA team medals. Kevin represented Canada at both the Junior Pan-Ams and Junior Worlds. After Drury, he went to the University of Guelph, becomes ECD's most successful graduate winning 4 OUA medals including a gold and 2 CIS bronze medals.

Jared Robb 2005 - 2009

With 181 wins, Jared Robb is 13th on the all-time win list. In 2008, in one of the grittiest efforts in Drury history, he placed 5th at OFSAA despite wrestling his last three matches with a separated shoulder. Back the next season, Jared went undefeated in high school competition and reached the pinnacle of his career with an OFSAA gold medal. Also an OAWA Champ, Jared won 46 career medals including 28 gold placing him in the top 10 in both categories. A former Dynamo wrestler, Jared was a 5 time member of the Honour Roll and winner of the ECD Athlete-of-the-Year Award.

Ranbir Hans 2005 - 2009

In his rookie season, Ranbir Hans won his one and only match of the season at OFSAA. Five years later, he won another match at OFSAA but this one earned him an OFSAA gold medal. Ranbir was likely the most improved wrestler ever over his Drury career. Despite the slow start, he went on to win 40 medals including an OAWA bronze and an OFSAA bronze to go along with his gold. The 40 medals is the 9th highest total in Drury history. A very dedicated and respected wrestler, Ranbir was a 4 time member of the Honour Roll, winner of the Most Valuable Wrestler Award and Athlete-of-the Year. Ranbir represented Canada at the Junior Pan-Ams in Mexico where his bronze was a first ever for a Drury wrestler at that level.

Bobby Fillman 2006 - 2010

Originally unsure if he wanted to wrestle in high school, Bobby Fillman did commit and then put his heart and soul into it putting together one of the finest careers in Drury history. Bobby placed top 5 at OFSAA 3 times winning a bronze and gold medal, was a two time OAWA Champ and a 5th place finisher at the Nationals. A 5 time member of the Honour Roll, he holds the record for going 3 consecutive years without missing a practice. He is one of only 3 wrestlers to ever reach 60 wins in a season and was both a Junior and Senior Athlete-of-the-Year. Despite suffering serious, season ending injuries in both of his last two seasons, Bobby still won 227 matches to be 5th on the all-time win list. His 35 career golds are 4th on the all-time list and his 64 medals is the 2nd highest total in Drury history. After, ECD, Bobby went on to win an OUA silver at the University of Guelph.

Duncan Moffat 2006 - 2010

Duncan Moffat holds the distinction of being Drury's last OFSAA Champion. After a solid but unspectacular start as a rookie, Duncan went on to enjoy one of the most successful Drury careers ever. In 4 OFSAA appearances, Duncan placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th. Along with his brother, he is Drury's only 3 time OFSAA medalist and one of four to record 4 top 6 finishes. In his career he won 51 medals including 32 golds and his 230 victories are 4th highest in Drury history. Duncan was a 2 time National Champ, a Canada Summer Games Champ and Athlete-of-the-year. He represented Canada at the Pan-Ams in El Salvador, Commonwealth Youth Games in India and the Worlds in Turkey. Both a Pan-Am and Commonwealth medalist he is the only Drury wrestler to win two international medals.