Yearly Highlights: Part 2

1989 - 1990

  • Chris Spence wins gold, Pickett silver, in the opening tournament at General Brock.
  • Drury makes their first appearance at the Riverdale Tournament in Montreal. Dave Wilson wins 6 to earn silver while Pickett takes a bronze.
  • Chris Spence wins gold in the Ontario Cadets. Widdis is 2nd and Pickett 3rd.
  • Drury wins 7 golds but lose the Halton Juniors 121-120. Champs include Pickett, Stevenson, Widdis, Spence, Black , Sean Woodward and Ryan Jeffrey.
  • Despite a Halton leading 8 golds, ECD surrenders crown to White Oaks.
  • John Stevenson places top 8 at OFSAA.
  • Spence places 5th in the National Cadets.

1990 - 1991

  • After a 2 year tournament drought, Brent Pickett and Anthony Douglas lead ECD to the Drury Invitational Title.
  • Led by Colin Widdis' 5-0 record, Drury defeats some of the top teams in the province to win the Tri-County Dual Championships. Teams include OFSAA champions Bishop Ryan and future OFSAA Champs Chinguacousy , Brampton Centennial and Hagersville.
  • Stevenson wins Florida gold. Black, Wilson, Douglas and Belford also medal.
  • Drury regains Halton Title with 7 golds and 6 silvers. Dave Wilson matches Thomas Jensen's feat by going 5-0 without giving up a single point.
  • Drury regains GHAC Title and qualifies 10 for OFSAA
  • Anthony Douglas places 4th at OFSAA.
  • Chris Price wins a gold at the Ontario Bantams and places 3rd at the Canadians. Mike Belford places 3rd in the National Cadets.
  • Dave Wilson named Athlete-of-the-Year.

1991 - 1992

  • Chris Spence wins prestigious Chinguacousy Espoir Tournament.
  • Drury wins 5 medals at the provincials including a gold by Chris Price, a silver by James Miller and bronzes by Scott McLaughlin, Matt Davenport and Chris Spence. Dynamo wrestler Victor Sprenger also wins a bronze.
  • Jeff Meads wins gold at the Ontario Winter Games.
  • Drury wins Haltons and GHAC in convincing fashion, becoming the first back-to-back GHAC Champs. 6 Golds set a record.
  • Chris Spence wins Drury's second OFSAA medal, a bronze, while Chris Price places 5th. The two are named Junior and Senior Athletes-of-the-Year.

1992 - 1993

  • Future captains Scott Mills and Chris Denich show promise by winning their first career golds at the Chin Novice Tournament.
  • Drury places 2nd in the 1st Annual Spartan Open. Brian Link and Scott McLaughlin win gold.
  • Chris Spence wins silver to become ECD's first Espoir medallist.
  • Drury wins seventh Halton title in 8 years as graduating vets Brent Pickett, John Stevenson, Ab Hasan and Chris Spence are among 8 champions. Future coach Simon Vanellis wins bronze for his first Halton medal.
  • Chris Spence becomes Drury's first competitor on OFSAA's centre mat winning a silver, ECD's best placing ever. He ends the season with 55 wins.
  • Price, Widdis and Hasan win gold in Lakeland, Florida. - Chris Price wins his second National bronze medal.
  • Simon Vanellis wins the NicholIs-Wollastan Award for leadership and dedication to Drury Athletics.

1993 - 1994

  • Drury edges out Brampton Centennial and Bishop Ryan to win the toughest Drury Invitational ever. Widdis, Price and Jason Near win gold.
  • Colin Widdis wins his sixth consecutive gold at the London PINS Tournament.
  • Despite winning 7 Bolds. Drury gives up the Halton crown to Georgetown. Widdis wins his fifth straight Halton title while Lee Black wins his fourth. George Vanellis wins his first in Haltons most competitive weight class.
  • John McKinnon leads rookies with a 47-win season.
  • Colin Widdis makes history by becoming Drury's first OFSAA Champion, winning the gold with a dramatic come-from-behind pin. He ends the year with a 42-1 record, the best in Drury history.
  • Chris Denich also makes his mark by becoming an Ontario and Canadian Cadet Champ and placing 6th in the World Cadet's in Chicago.
  • Denich and Widdis win Athlete-of-the-Year Honours.

1994 - 1995

  • Blair Beaulieu, Justin Billingham and Tim Franklin lead a promising group of rookies in the early season.
  • Drury wins their first PINS Tournament Crown. John McKinnon goes 8-0 to join Grant Heffron, Chris Denich, Jeff Meads and Chris Price as champs.
  • Drury wins Junior Haltons by winning 9 of 14 weight classes.
  • Dan Martin and Clayton Cowton win gold, Blair Beaulieu silver, at the Ontario Cadet Open to qualify for the Ontario Winter Games.
  • Despite having 3 key wrestlers on the sidelines due to illness or injury, ECD upsets Georgetown to retake the Haltons.
  • ECD takes GHAC in a tight 3-way battle. Clayton Cowton, Chris Denich and Jason Near win gold.
  • Drury has their best OFSAA, placing 5th as a team and putting 3 into the finals. Jason Near wins bronze while Denich and Cowton place 4th.
  • Chad Merritt wins gold and Kevin Heffron silver for Drury Dynamo at the Ontario Bantam Championships. Merritt wins Dynamo's first Canada-East Title.
  • Chris Price has 57 wins, Chris Denich 49, Clayton Cowton 46, Blair Beaulieu and Scott McLaughlin 42 as the team sets new win record of 761 match victories.

1995 - 1996

  • Drury starts the year by winning both the Cadet and Intermediate Divisions of the Guelph Centennial Tournament.
  • Price, back for an extra year, gets 3rd at Turner and breaks Thomas Jensen's mark of 234 career wins.
  • Overtime-gold medal wins over Georgetown by Blair Beaulieu and Justin Billingham lead Drury to the Spartan Open Title. Heather Rollwagen wins Drury's first ever-female medal, a bronze, on Drury's first and only girls wrestling team.
  • John McCart (Bantam), Blair Beaulieu (Cadet) and Chris Denich ( Junior ) capture gold at the Ontario Championships.
  • Golds by Blair Beaulieu, Kevin Heffron and John McCart help Drury defend the Junior Halton Title.
  • Frank Cavallo, ranked #3 on Drury's depth chart, plays the upset role to win gold and lead Drury to a dominating victory at the Haltons. Also winning gold were Denich, Kevin Heffron, Darrell Dennis and John McKinnon.
  • Denich places 3rd at OFSAA while Chris Price ends his career with a 6th place finish. Dynamo Victor Sprenger wins silver in his final OFSAA.
  • John McCart wins Canada-East Bantam gold.
  • Top rookie winners are Kevin Heffron with 33 and Adam Scott with 25.
  • Blair Beaulieu wins gold in Greco and freestyle silver in Ocean City, New Jersey becoming the fifth Spartan to surpass 50 wins in a season.
  • Denich finishes with 54 victories and wins Athlete-of-the-Year.

1996 - 1997

  • Andy Wadeson wins ECD's first gold of the year at the Hagersville Novice Tournament. Rory McDonell, Chris Holmes and Graham Carroll win silver, Sean Burnham bronze.
  • Denich, Mills, Cowton and McCart win gold as ECD wins Woodstock.
  • Denich, K. Heffron and Cavallo lead ECD to Drury Invitational Title.
  • McCart, Heffron and Merritt remain undefeated at the Cadet level leading Drury to victory at the Spartan Open.
  • Merritt and McCart win gold at the Ontario Cadet Championships.
  • Drury wins their tenth Haltons by the biggest margin ever, scoring 203 team points and earning a record 22 medals including at least one in every weight class. All 7 graduating wrestlers including future Junior Dynamo coach Andrew Sharpe (silver) finish in the top 2.
  • GHAC gives Drury its record seventh team title of the season. Frank Cavallo goes undefeated without surrendering a point in both Haltons and GHAC.
  • Grant Heffron enjoys his finest day winning bronze at OFSAA. Frank Cavallo places 4th and Chris Denich 5th for his 3rd OFSAA top 5 finish.
  • Alumni member Scott McLaughlin establishes the first Drury Wrestling Web-Page, one of, if not the first high school wrestling web-pages in Canada.
  • Drury has their best performance ever at the National Cadets as John McCart and Kevin Heffron win gold, Adam Scott Silver and Chad Merritt places 5th.
  • Chad Merritt wins gold and his 58th match of the year in London to break the single season record shared by Thomas Jensen and Chris Price. Merritt and Kevin Heffron tie Clayton Cowton's record of 13 medals in a season.
  • More records fall in New Jersey as Chris Denich passes Thomas Jensen for most wins over a 5-year career and wins gold in his Drury farewell. His 58 wins is the most ever by a senior. Kevin Heffron ends the year with 49 wins and a record 14 medals and Chad Merritt becomes the 1st to break the 60 win barrier. Frank Cavallo completes a career season with 48 wins.
  • Denich caps off his Drury career by being named winner of the Drury Award of Athletic and Academic Excellence. Kevin Heffron is Junior Athlete-of-the- Year while Scott Mills wins the SAS Award for career contributions to Drury Athletics.
  • Andrew Sharpe becomes the first wrestler selected as class valedictorian.
  • The team sets a new season win record of 831.

1997 - 1998

  • Tom Gallinger wins his first career gold in Orillia while Sean Burnham, Rory McDonell and Ryan Faria do likewise leading ECD to the team title at the Collingwood Cadet Tournament.
  • Chad Merritt wins Outstanding Wrestler Award winning gold in Montreal.
  • Justin Billingham has his best performance to date winning the Ontario Juvenile Championship. Billingham joins Denich and Jensen as the only provincial champs in the senior age group. McCart and Wadeson win the Cadet Open.
  • The Baxter brothers are among 6 Junior Halton Champs as ECD wins title.
  • 1st round upsets by Kaegen Sherriff and Will Van Duyn spearhead ECD's Halton Championship victory. Andy Wadeson moves up 2 weights and wins his second consecutive Halton Title. Merritt and Beaulieu upset major Georgetown rivals to claim titles as well. Drury wins 7 golds overall .
  • Drury wins 6 golds to win GHAC and sends 12 to OFSAA. Graduating seniors Darren Gallipeau and Chris Mastro rebound from 3rd place finishes at the Haltons to win GHAC gold.
  • Drury climbs on the OFSAA podium as a team for the first time with a Team Silver medal. Blair Beaulieu and Kevin Heffron win silver while Andy Wadeson places 4th and John McCart 5th.
  • McCart repeats as Canadian Cadet Champion.
  • Andy Wadeson wins Junior Athlete-of-the-Year.

1998 - 1999

  • ECD starts the year with 5 straight tournament titles including Drury and Resurrection. Beaulieu and Heffron remain undefeated to exam turn-around.
  • The Spartan Open is cancelled when fire roars through the Drury gym and destroys the wrestling room.
  • Tom Gallinger resurrects the Drury Wrestling web page , first established by Scott McLaughlin, and quickly makes it a significant part of the Drury Wrestling culture.
  • Chad Merritt moves up an age group and wins silver at the Ontario Juniors.
  • Chris Holmes matches Merritt's feat by winning gold and the Outstanding Wrestler Award in Montreal. Drury wins the team title.
  • Highlighted by a dramatic come-from-behind win in the dying seconds by Justin Billingham, ECD wins the combined Halton/GHAC Title. McCart wins his third GHAC gold.
  • Drury has a bittersweet OFSAA winning their second Team Silver but seeing Kevin Heffron's apparent gold taken away in a double overtime, double protested final. Merritt also wins silver while Billingham ends his career with a hard earned bronze. Blair Beaulieu and John McCart place 5th.
  • Heffron rebounds to win gold at the Canadian Juvenile Championships and is named Athlete-of-the-Year. McCart rebounds from a loss in the Provincial finals to win his third National title. The national champions are Drury's first at the Juvenile level.
  • Billingham wins the Nicholls-Wollastan Award at the annual Athletic Banquet.